"There is a whole lotta things they didnt tell me before I joined on with this outfit"- unknown

About WCG...

Facilities: on 175 leased acres, at 4500’ elev., 60 feed pens with bunk space for 10,000 head: pens are sized to accommodate separate segregated lots from 20 head up to 250 head each, 10 separate holding/receiving/shipping pens, 6 “hospital” pens, 4 isolation”PI” pens, 2 processing areas w/hydraulic chutes, 2 sorting alleys, 2 loading chutes, 2 sets of ground scales, a 100,000 # truck scale, 2 – 40 acre paddocks, covered commodities storage, 3 liquid feed tanks, office, vet. room & shop..


Primary functions: 90% cattle processing, backgrounding, weaning, & growing; 5% finishing for slaughter; 3% synchronized A.I. breeding, 2% cow/calf & bull feeding for drought recovery. Company owned and customer owned cattle. Average head in yard;

7,500 Fall/Winter, 1,900 Spring/Summer.

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