"There is a whole lotta things they didnt tell me before I joined on with this outfit"- unknown

Gary A. Thrasher D.V.M.- Owner-Operator-Veterinarian


            Dr. Thrasher, b. June 20, 1944, was raised in rural Ohio, began working away from home as a stable hand and “pony-boy” at age 11, mucked stalls and was a “hot-walker” at Thoroughbred and harness tracks around Cleveland, then was a barn manager and  “wrangler” at a summer camp through junior high, bought and sold horses before he was old enough to drive, and graduated from Westlake High School in 1962 after completing an industrial arts curriculum and receiving football “Most Valuable Player” and All-Conference athletic awards.          He played varsity football at Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa while the team completed its third consecutive undefeated season and was ranked 10th in the nation in NAIA standings. He transferred to Ohio State University and walked-on as a “red-shirt” freshman for the 1964 fall and 1965 spring football seasons. Coach Woody Hayes convinced him he had a brighter future as a veterinarian and found him a part-time job as a yearling training-barn groom and foaling barn night watchman at a Thoroughbred breeding operation noted for its two Kentucky Derby winners. Later, while still in college he bled harness horses at tracks in central Ohio during development of the an early pre-race drug testing program, and worked on objective yield surveys and livestock import/export projects for the USDA Statistical Reporting Service 

             He married Jean DaCosta, an R.N., in 1965, pursued agriculture, nutrition, and pre-veterinary studies, and received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from Ohio State in 1967 with majors in agricultural economics and animal science.  He was commissioned a U.S. Army Reserve Officer in 1968 and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ohio State in 1971 with a special interest in large animal practice. He was promoted to Captain, U.S. Army and served on active duty 1971-1973 at San Antonio, TX, Chicago, IL, and Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

            In 1973 he established Coronado Veterinary Clinic in Sierra Vista, AZ and in 1976 founded Thrasher Cattle Co., Inc. utilizing early surgical and non-surgical embryo transfer techniques to establish a registered Simmental herd on leased and owned ranches in Cochise County, AZ.

            He became Executive Vice President of Nevada First Corporation in 1980 with

Chief Operating Officer responsibilities for management and leasing for the two million acre ranching, farming, and resources holding company in northern Nevada. In 1983 he moved to Mt. Pleasant, TX as Vice President and Operations Manager of McKellar Ranches, Inc., with responsibility for overseeing purebred Brahman breeding operations utilizing more than 2000 embryo recipients, oversaw private treaty sales, and managed four production sales per year at the ranch.

            In 1985 he returned to Arizona to establish Hereford Veterinary Service, a private large animal veterinary and ranch management consulting practice with clients in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Sonora, Mexico. In 1992 he started Jicara Livestock Company to operate cattle backgrounding, A.I. breeding, and embryo transfer programs on leased ranches. In 1994 he organized Servicios Veterinarios Asociados Hereford, S.C., a Mexican chartered company to process feeder cattle in Mexico to meet USDA requirements for import to the U.S. and developed a protocol approved by the USDA to efficiently remove ovaries from Mexican feeder heifers to prevent brucellosis transmission and permit their importation without risk of reintroducing the disease to U.S. herds. Under a Cooperative Service Agreement with USDA the company surgically spayed more than 800,000 heifers in Mexico, and created a $50 million per year market in the U.S. that didn’t exist before the program was originated. The Mexican government assumed responsibility for of the program in early 2005. In early 2007 he organized Westlake Cattle Growers, L.L.C., he owns and manages the company.

            Dr. Thrasher continues to operate Hereford Veterinary Service, limiting his practice to beef cattle herd services and associated ranch horses. Most of his efforts are spent on herd health programs; ranch management consulting; pregnancy, semen and trich. testing; estrus synchronization; artificial insemination; direct embryo transfers; pre-conditioning & backgrounding programs; and interstate & export regulatory testing in  Arizona and New Mexico. He is a participant in the Arizona Beef Quality Assurance Program and the Arizona Livestock Incident Response Team (ALIRT); is licensed to practice and USDA accredited in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas; and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and U.S. Animal Health Association.

             Jicara Livestock Company, is now primarily a commercial cow-calf operation, Westlake Cattle Growers L.L.C., is a 10,000 head capacity weaning, backgrounding and growing facility in Cochise, AZ. He is a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, an Executive Committee member of Arizona Cattle Growers Assoc., a Director of the Cochise-Graham Cattle Growers’ Association, and member fo the Cochise County Board of Supervisors’ Public Lands Advisory Committee.

            Married 44 years, he and his wife have three grown children, and seven grand children. Over the years he was a member of the Palominas (AZ) School Board,  Humbolt County (NV) Planning Commission, Titus County (TX) 4H Livestock Committee, a Director of the Southeast Arizona Land Trust, and founding member of the Cooperative Resource Planning Committee in the Winnemucca (NV) BLM District.

              Since receiving his DVM Dr. Thrasher has completed more than 550 hours of continuing education through the AVMA, AABP, AAEP, USAHA, AzVMA, International Embryo Transfer Society, Western States Veterinary Conferences and others. He has completed courses at Harvard Graduate School of Business (Agribusiness Seminar), University of Kentucky (Grayson Foundation Stud Managers Course),

Colorado State University (Beef Cattle Reproduction), Bank of America  (California Agribusiness Symposium & California Livestock Symposium), Professional Farmers of America (Agricultural Finance), and USDA Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health

(Exotic & Emerging Diseases of Animals)

              He resides in Hereford, Arizona and can be reached at (520) 384-3761,

(520) 508-5731 (cell), or westlakecattle@wildblue.net  or hvs@mindspring.com


Sheri Machichi- Office Manager

Bob Thrasher- Assistant Manager, Feed

Andy Aabye- Mechcanic, Stockman, Feed, Transportation

Scott Thrasher- Stockman, Feed, Doctoring Crew

Jake Thrasher- Stockman, Doctoring Crew, I.T.

Dick Raney- Pen Rider

Ned Glidewell- Pen Rider

“Butch”- Pen Rider, Transportation

“Jim Ed”- Stockman, Mechanic, Doctoring Crew

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